Wide Range of Services

Electrical and Utility Construction Services, Management, and Planning


LINE MAINTENANCE AND CONSTRUCTION: Over 35 years experience in construction, maintenance, and storm restoration.


Due to the high number of underground utilities and cables/lines in various digging areas, we have recently added this service. It allows exposing underground equipment, cables, gas lines, etc. without the danger of damage to lines and/or equipment.


Also known as Thermal Imaging has proven to be an ideal inspection method for all types of predictive maintenance in the electrical field. Infrared technology gives us the ability to “see” and measure temperatures on defective components and see normal wear, fatigue, and faulty assembly in many electrical systems. Overheating can occur in all electrical components and hardware including generators, transformers, pole-top connections, gear switches, starters, contactors, and many other components that can be imaged. Utilizing infrared thermography for inspections can help set maintenance priorities, prevent unplanned outages, lower insurance premiums, reduce loss and liability, and maintain high performance.


CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE: Over 35 years experience in construction and maintenance.


Over 35 years experience in pole line construction, pumpjack, SWD, and control panel installations, and all electrical phases of oilfield production. Some of our customers include Crown Quest, Energen Resources, Whiting Oil & Gas, Kinder-Morgan, BTA Oil Producers, and Patriot Resources.


Over 35 years experience in substation maintenance. 


We locate high-voltage cable vaults by use of Von Arc Reflection System. 

Scope of Performance

  • All phases up to 138kV transmission construction, wood, steel and concrete structures
  • All construction phases 69/138kV substation with multiple circuits
  • Monitor substation, transmission, distribution and collection circuits via internet for proper operation
  • Install security, lights, camera, etc. on substation sites
  • All construction phases up to 34.5kV Overhead & Underground distribution & collection on projects
  • All repair and replacement of existing sites including overhead and underground distribution & collection line projects
  • Inspection of projects (poles, structures, transformers, cables, terminations, etc.)
  • Engineering support from a leading West Texas Engineering Firm
  • Mapping & GPS sites for project maps and location of equipment
  • Collect oil samples and send out for test results
  • Line location of underground cables
  • Arc Reflection cable fault locating system up to 25kV
  • Infrared imaging ground level and by helicopter with Certified Level I Tech
  • Crane Services
  • Aerial devices up to 120 ft. working height
  • Trencher service (including Vermeer T655)
  • Hydro-Vacing (exposure of equipment in the ground using water & vacuum)
  • Right-Of-Way clearing – Rayco C-100 Forestry Mulcher
  • Backhoe Service
  • Haul Truck Service
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